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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contact Fittings

Kids Eye Exams

Diabetic Eye Exams

Emergency Eye Care

Specialty Contact Fittings

Diagnosis & Treatment


Eye Pain

Dry Eyes

Macular Degeneration

Cataract and Laser Surgery Consultation

Glaucoma Management

Myopia Management


Boutique Frames


We carry a unique collection of eyewear explore our brands below.

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LINDBERG is a family-owned eyewear brand, that specialises in handmade titanium glasses. Danish eyewear design at its best.

BARTON PERREIRA is a luxury designer eyewear brand that has been revered across the industry, featured in the world's leading retailers

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creates uncommonly thoughtful, beautiful, and original designs that combine the classic and the new.

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GLCO is a California-based brand that uses exclusive, quality materials from the best suppliers in the industry with hundreds of years of experience.

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ETNIA BARCELONA is an art-inspired Independent eyewear brand from Barcelona creating colorful designs with natural acetate and mineral lenses.

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MODO is a New York brand that features colorful, fashion-forward eyeglasses frames with a focus on innovative design. Professional, yet edgy.

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RAEN combines rich traditions & modern silhouettes to create an incredible feel to hold & wear.

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AMERICAN OPTICAL, the original sunglass choice of JFK and first man on the moon. The oldest and greatest optical company in American history.

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